Noya Rao

Flying Tree, Tree of Light, Path of Truth


Flying Tree

In the depths of the Amazon in Peru, there lives a remarkable bioluminescent tree called Noya Rao. Within the Mahua Shipibo community, the knowledge of Noya Rao is guarded with reverence, for it is believed that only six of these extraordinary trees exist. This rarity and sacredness lend great significance to Noya Rao in the Shipibo tradition, where her medicine has been ceremonially employed for countless centuries. The name Noya Rao itself holds profound meaning, translating to "Flying Tree," "Tree of Light," and "Path of Truth," symbolizing the wisdom and enigma she embodies. 

Tree of Light

Nestled among the realm of bioluminescent wonders, Noya Rao stands as a tree whose leaves emit a radiant glow in the night. Noya Rao is an enlightened being who serves as a guide on the path to enlightenment and self-mastery and teaches through a non-dual perspective. In our sacred tradition, Noya Rao holds the esteemed position of being our Master Plant. Our affinity towards working with Noya Rao arises from her unblemished purity and remarkable ability to reflect back your authentic essence. In her presence, the power of unconditional love creates a nurturing foundation that enables the exploration of past traumas, grief, anger, and hidden wounds, while reclaiming the dormant gifts concealed within the depths of the unconscious.

Path of Truth

As the embodiment of the path of truth, Noya Rao's radiant light unveils what is often unseen, allowing us to reclaim the hidden aspects of ourselves concealed within the shadows. Seekers who have encountered Noya Rao describe her as gentle yet fierce, approaching with love while challenging them to confront past difficulties. She holds you accountable to your own integrity, encouraging personal growth and transformation. In the presence of Noya Rao, she becomes a mirror that reflects your true self and essence. Initially, it may seem as though your higher self is projected onto her, until you gradually recognize that she has been revealing your own divine essence all along.

Discovering Noya Rao

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An Expression of the Divine

Noya Rao is the divine in a tree form. When we touch the divine we see and remember ourselves, our true nature, our interconnectedness and the divine expression that we are meant to offer in this world. We have moments when we break out of our illusions and veils are removed so we can see clearly who we are. We remember that love emanates through us and we are never separate from unconditional love. The tree allows us to have moments or glimpses of the truth of who we are. She will often illuminate the main karmic patterns that keep us in a place of separation, amnesia, and block us from freely expressing our authentic gifts. These karmic patterns have to be worked through in order for certain gifts to emerge.  You may notice increased emotions or triggers when you work with her because she is pulling them up to be acknowledged and released. There can be moments of discomfort that if we accept and allow we can get to know these patterns and get to the root of them. We can receive the karmic lessons that our soul is seeking and become liberated from the chains of our own conditioning.

Pathways to Connect with Noya Rao

At Noya Rao Collective, we offer a diverse range of transformative services to support those who feel drawn to the wisdom of Noya Rao.

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