Dr. Krista Rhinehart

Founder of Noya Rao Collective

Psychotherapist, Channel, Ceremonialist, Noya Rao Guide

Nice to meet you!

I am the founder of Noya Rao Collective. During a dieta 2 years ago Noya Rao shared with me a new way to deliver her medicine to the world. I listened to her guidance and created the Noya Rao Deep Immersion Program. I was surprised to discover that Noya Rao was connecting to people in ways that were similar to the traditional  Shipibo practice known as the dieta. It is clear that she is making herself more accessible to individuals to receive her healing and I am committed to delivering her medicine and training practitioners to do the same.


As a doctor, I have studied psychology within an academic setting for ten years. However, I consider my own healing journey and exploration of various ancient healing traditions to be the most influential aspect of my education.

Through my own exploration, I discovered that there is so much more to healing than what we have been exposed to in western culture. Therefore, I have explored various Eastern and Shamanic healing modalities in order to develop a holistic approach towards healing. I have been lucky enough to meet amazing spiritual teachers along the way that have been generous with their teachings.

My passion for ancient healing traditions has led me down a deep healing path and has ultimately led me to integrate shamanic and Eastern approaches within a Western psychological approach.

I have studied with several spiritual mentors and consider my main teacher to be Noya Rao. I consistently diet with Noya Rao to strengthen my connection and to receive guidance on how to bring her medicine forth to support the awakening of humanity. 


Training and Education:

  • Ph.D. Degree ‚Äď Doctorate in East-West Psychology, concentration in Depth Psychology and Spiritual Counseling. California Institute of Integral Studies.
  • ¬†M.A. Degree ‚Äď Counseling Psychology, concentration in Transpersonal Psychology. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Presently Sofia University)
  • 12 year Apprenticeship within the Shipibo Tradition
  • 8 Years Apprenticing with Noya Rao through the practice of the Dieta
  • Level 3 Initiate through Asil Toksal
  • Kriya Yoga Initiate


Offerings Include:


-Plant medicine and Noya Rao preparation and integration

-Spiritual guidance/Shamanic therapy

-Individual and group mentorhship

-Energy clearings, alignments, activations, and transmissions

-Healers Circle Membership to receive training and education



Email:[email protected]

Phone: (970) 403-5079‬

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Rosemarie Rodriguez

Channel, Movement Practitioner, Bodyworker, Spiritual Guide


Over the years, Rosemarie has cultivated a unique set of skills and experiences that make her a valuable resource for those seeking personal transformation and empowerment. With a commitment to helping others discover their truth and inner strength, Rosemarie has embarked on a transformative journey. Her three-year apprenticeship with Noya Rao, under the guidance of Krista Rhinehart, allowed her to confront and overcome deep-seated challenges such as intergenerational trauma, depression, low self-worth, and shame. This process has not only shaped her as a practitioner but also made her empathetic and understanding towards the struggles of others.


Training & Education

Rosemarie holds a B.A. in literature with a focus on queer, postcolonial, and feminist studies. In the realm of bodywork, Rosemarie graduated from the McKinnon Institute of Massage with 500 hours of training in both Eastern and Western bodywork approaches.

Her holistic approach to healing is further evident in her 15-year journey of intensive psychoanalysis with Linda Leonard and her exploration of Shamanic and Somatic healing practices under the guidance of Krista Rhinehart. She has delved into Authentic Movement and Performance Art, using these mediums as personal tools to explore profound themes such as addiction, shame, ageism, voicelessness, grief, and more. Through movement, she not only expresses herself but also helps others find healing and self-expression. Her commitment to helping others find their truth and her diverse background make her a remarkable guide on the journey of self-discovery and transformation.


Offerings include:

  • Body-work¬†
  • Noya Rao Integration Support
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Energy Clearings, Alignments, Activations, Transmissions
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