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Starts in August

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In this program, you will establish a deep connection with Noya Rao and align yourself with her teachings. As you move through this transformative journey, Noya Rao will assist you in navigating through doubts, fears, traumas, and conditioning that hinder the recognition and expression of your true potential. Those who work with Noya Rao have found that she has helped them to discover their soul's gifts and express their inner mastery. Whether this is your first time completing the program, or you are a healer who would like to deepen an existing relationship with Noya Rao, this program will meet you where you are at and help you to uncover your gifts and deliver them from authentic and clear place.
Through guided practices and online transmissions, you will receive individualized healing from Noya Rao on a day-to-day basis for 3-4 weeks. While many traditional plant diets require travel outside of the country, Noya Rao recognizes the power of the internet to connect individuals from all corners of the world. She understands that not everyone can participate in traditional dieting practices or take extended breaks from their lives. Through utilizing online platforms, she makes her energy and teachings more accessible to individuals who seek her guidance. This allows for the weaving together of diverse knowledge and the emergence of new pathways as we collectively move towards ascension and self-mastery.
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Program Details


Late Summer

Cost: $450 (Scholarships or 3 month Payment Plans available)

Early-Bird Discount: $375use coupon code: SPRING)

Where: Noya Rao Collective Online Platform


This Program will include:

  • 4 online Transmissions¬†to strengthen your connection to the tree
  • 1 group meditation with office hours¬†to give people the opportunity to ask questions
  • 2 small group Integration sessions¬†
  • Meditation videos and practices¬†to help you strengthen your connection to the tree on your own and work through emotional content that arises in the healing process
  • Weekly teaching videos¬†to teach you more about the tree and how to work with her
  • Online community platform¬†to engage with others that are in the program
* The transmission and office hours will be recorded in case you are not available to attend them live. Please try to make as many live as possible and complete the entire program within 5 weeks.
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Noya Rao Energy Transmissions 

The first ceremony will create an energetic opening where you will experience accelerated healing and a clearer connection to Noya Rao throughout the program. You may experience this as a heightened awareness of the unseen world and greater sensitivity to your inner experience and intuitive capacities.
During the transmissions I will be channeling her energy to transmit a deeper connection to her through guided meditations and chanting. We will work with trance states to help you to open your consciousness to receive her teachings. These sessions will most likely stir up emotional material and make adjustments to you on an internal and external level. We will be offering group integration sessions during the program to support you with becoming more aware of the ways she is guiding you and to help you navigate emotional or spiritual experiences that may arise. You are also welcome to book individual integration sessions with us.
You will be invited to our course platform where you will receive videos, posts, and practices that you can do throughout the program to strengthen your connection. Please be willing to commit to at least two hours of practices a week throughout the program. Ideally, you could commit to at least 15-30 minutes of meditation a day. Please also make time to sit with emotions that may arise during the healing process.

Program Schedule


Opening Ceremony: Second Transmission: TBD

Group Meditation & Office hours: TBD

Third Transmission: TBD

Closing Ceremony: TBD 

* This program also includes two 90-minute group integration circles. You will be assigned to a group once you register.
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Greg R.

"My work with Noya Rao has dramatically accelerated my spiritual journey and growth in this world. She has helped me maintain a level of clarity and energy that I honestly did not believe was possible just a few months ago. I'm incredibly grateful to have been involved in this program that has connected me to this being of pure light and love as a teacher and guide."

Amita B.

"Noya Rao provides healing that dives deeper than the temporary nature of a medicine ceremony. The energy of the tree itself is very powerful, making a profound impact event without ingesting any piece of the plant. She provides a solid foundation to explore and discover oneself … and in that knowing emerges love and healing."

Rebecca M.

"Establishing a connection with Noya Rao over this past year has led to powerful transformation and realignment in my life. The tree has become one of my greatest allies and sources of support in my spiritual journey. Noya Rao is my teacher and guide, and I am excited to continue to deepen my connection with her."

Dietary Restrictions

During this period of time we recommend adhering to some dietary restrictions at some point in the program for 5-7 days and consider doing a 24 hour fast on the day of one of the transmissions. This is not mandatory, but the diet will enhance your capacity to bring her energy into the body for deeper healing and it will help you to be more open to receive teachings and realizations. It is highly recommended that you refrain from recreational drugs, alcohol, cannabis, large amounts of caffeine, pork, red meat, and sexual activity during the program. Holding a clean diet will enhance the purification process that you will be undergoing, and you can download the guide below to learn more. 
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